Reasons Why You Should Coat Your Concrete

Concrete coating is a liquid/semi-liquid that is applied to cured concrete floors. You may have never realized this before, but coated concrete floors are everywhere - ever noticed how shiny and smart looking most car showroom floors are? Chances are, the concrete floor was treated with a coating material that really made it stand out. Here are just a few reasons why you would want to coat a concrete floor:


This is the top reason why most businesses and even homeowners (usually a garage) would choose to coat a concrete floor. A coat will turn a drab floor into a brilliant floor with exceptional shine. Clean, shiny floors have a dramatic impact on people and make a great first impression for businesses. Concrete floors are also light reflective, which adds drama and additional light coverage to your space.


In general, coated concrete lasts longer than uncoated. Coating will protect the floor from regular wear and tear, especially if vehicles are driving on it. Coating your concrete will add years of life without repair to the floors surface.


Coated floors are a snap to clean. Untreated concrete can be porous and attract and hold dirt. A coating will also create a barrier for liquids in the event of a spill, making cleanup simple. In addition, a coated concrete floor dries faster, making it a safe floor to have for a business.

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