Kemiko Acid Stain Color Chart

Kemiko Acid Stain Color Chart

After you’ve laid concrete, you need to treat it. This can come in the form of an acid stain, which helps to protect and correct the quality and color of the concrete.

In order to help keep your concrete looking its best, you need to use an acid stain. East Coast Kemiko has a variety of acid stains to choose from, and Kemiko brand stains come in a variety of colors.

In order to learn more about how these colors can work for your concrete project, you’ll need to learn more about how acid stains work. Read on to see how you can complete your concrete with a Kemiko acid stain.

Kemiko Acid Stain Color Chart

What is an Acid Stain?

There are two types of acid stains: reactive and non-reactive. For the most part, companies will use reactive stains, which can be either a salt base or a an acid base. Different materials like metals and salts are dissolved into the acid, which is what creates the different earth-toned color patterns.

Reactive acid stains come in a limited number of colors, but they are extremely effective when it comes to protecting your concrete. Non-reactive stains, however, are becoming increasingly popular. While they come in a wide variety of colors, they do not have the rich and deep color palettes that reactive stains have. Each type of stain, be it reactive or non-reactive, is useful under a specific set of circumstances.

You can think about acid stains for concrete the same way you think about wood stains. It does the exact same thing, but with hydrochloric acid, water, and metal salts. The acid is what makes tiny imperfections in the surface of the concrete, allowing for the metal salts to penetrate and protect it.

This is what changes the color of the concrete. Because the materials are so specific, you won’t find a full rainbow of colors. Acid stains are created using various mixtures of chemicals, and this is what allows for different color choices.

The Kemiko Acid Stain Color Range

The Kemiko line of acid stains has a specific and expansive color range that is tailored to match any of your creative needs. Regardless of the project on which you’re working, Kemiko is sure to have an acid stain that matches that decor. If you’re looking for something more subtle on the darker range, choose Black, Vintage Umber, or Walnut. Or, if you want to search for a color that brightens a room, Golden Wheat or Garden Gold are excellent options. There are even some choices for those who want to go for something with a little more pop. You can use Green Lawn or Aqua Blue to add that extra boost to your project.

For more information on Kemiko acid stains, head over to East Coast Kemiko! We’re here to answer any questions you may have about concrete acid stains, and we’re the best go-to as your concrete acid stain supplier.
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