Understanding LEED Guidelines


East Coast Kemiko offers LEED-certified products for businesses and home-owners who want to meet or exceed the LEED guidelines for their concrete floors. The LEED certification program can be quite complicated, so we've decided to break it down and go over how this program affects concrete construction and concrete floor coatings.

What does LEED Stand for?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system created by the U.S. Green Building Council. This rating system was designed to rate a building's environmental sustainability. If a building can meet one of the LEED certification levels, it will not only be able to get federal and state tax credits, it will also save save a decent amount of money on energy bills.

How does Concrete help with LEED?

Your home or business can benefit from LEED certificates when using concrete in a multitude of different ways. At East Coast Kemiko, we offer LEED-certified concrete coating products which, when used, can meet standards for new construction or remodeling. Concrete itself can meet LEED certifications because it is a recycle-able product, it can be locally sourced, and it provides energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs. If you couple these sustainability improvements with our concrete coatings, you'll really increase your LEED credits.

How is East Coast Kemiko LEED Compliant?

Now, to the real question at hand. How is East Coast Kemiko helping to push the LEED certification program forward? We've created a variety of LEED certified concrete coating products which meet or exceed the LEED requirements for their low-emitting materials credit. When used, our products meet the LEED established threshold for volatile organic compound emissions for an indoor product; which in short means our products are safer for applicators to use indoors.

While the LEED certification program is very complicated, we can make it easier for you. For more information on LEED guidelines and how East Coast Kemiko's products meet these guidelines, give us a call at 301-640-5525 or fill out the form on our website today!

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