What Materials Do I need for a Garage Floor DIY project?

Done with the interior of your garage? Feel like something is still missing? That’s probably your garage floor, which needs the final touch to make your garage feel like you just parked your car in a show room. Not only will an epoxy coat give your garage a fancy look, it is also resistant to those persistent oil stains that ruin the concrete. Epoxy will also improve the grip of your garage floor during the winter.

Also, if you have any imperfections in your concrete, epoxy can be used to hide it through custom paint and color chips. Another advantage of an epoxy coated garage floor is that you do not need to hire a professional and pay for labor. Instead, you can DIY at home if you have the right materials and instructions needed.

Materials needed to epoxy coat your garage floor

1) Epoxy: This is the first and most important material needed to coat your garage floor and give it the much needed upgrade. You can easily purchase an epoxy kit from any home improvement center in your area or hardware store. These epoxy kits have different kinds. Some are more durable while others are easier to apply with a single coat. If you read the product description behind the kit, it will give you a fair idea about which epoxy better suits your need and budget.

2) Acid wash: After cleaning your floor, this is the first coat you will apply to the concrete. Pour the acid wash in a watering can, ensuring you are wearing protective gear. You will have to spray this acid evenly on a wet concrete floor.

3) Quick set concrete: This is a special blend of cement that is designed to set really fast in approximately 30–40 minutes. You will find a whole range of quick set concrete. The prices differ as some are even more time efficient and set within no time. If you are in no rush, then purchase any quick set concrete from a reputable brand. These concrete setting products will also have instructions. Make sure you follow them correctly as the concrete will be the base upon which you will apply the epoxy.

These are the main materials needed to DIY your concrete garage floor with epoxy. You can browse through our catalog for the best materials to use. For more details and step by step instructions, please visit our resources page.

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