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Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paint?

Posted by Hector Patrick on

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Let's dive deep into what sets Benjamin Moore apart from the competition when it comes to interior and exterior paint. Benjamin Moore has been a trusted name in the paint industry for over 130 years, and for good reason.

First and foremost, Benjamin Moore offers the best interior paint on the market. With their advanced color technology and extensive color selection, Benjamin Moore has a color for every room and every style. Their paints are known for their durability, consistency, and exceptional coverage, making it easy to achieve a flawless finish every time.

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore's interior paints also have low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them environmentally friendly and safe for use in homes with children and pets. They also offer a wide range of finishes, from matte to high gloss, so you can achieve the look and feel you desire for your space.

When it comes to exterior paint, Benjamin Moore is also the clear winner. Their exterior paints are formulated with their patented Gennex® Color Technology, ensuring lasting color and protection against the elements. Benjamin Moore's exterior paints are engineered to resist fading, cracking, and peeling, making them ideal for even the toughest climates.

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paint?

In addition to their superior quality, Benjamin Moore also offers exceptional customer service - Such as you will find here at Dragon Scale Paint. Our trained experts are available to answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the perfect colors and finishes for your project. You can visit our store location or browse our online Color Gallery Brochures, allowing you to browse and save your favorite colors and color combinations for future reference.

Another thing that sets Benjamin Moore apart is their commitment to sustainability. They are continuously working to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their manufacturing processes. They also offer a line of eco-friendly paints, including their Natura® line, which is Zero VOC and asthma and allergy friendly.

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paint?


Lastly, Benjamin Moore has a long-standing commitment to supporting local businesses. Their products are only sold through independent retailers like Dragon Scale Paint, ensuring that you are not only getting the best quality paint but also supporting your local community.

In summary, Benjamin Moore is the best choice for interior and exterior paint for several reasons. Their advanced color technology, extensive color selection, and exceptional quality make them the clear winner in the paint industry. They also offer outstanding customer service, a commitment to sustainability, and support for local businesses. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, you can trust Benjamin Moore to provide the best paint for your project.

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