Why Purchase Your Kemiko Products From an Exclusive Distributor?

Whether you are a licensed flooring contractor or a DIY'er looking to enhance your homes value and beauty, you may be shopping around for the best price on Kemiko products. Prices can vary slightly from distributor to distributor, but keep in mind that when it comes to this important and complex purchase, an exclusive Kemiko retailer is who you should make your final purchase with.

Why Kemiko?

Kemiko products include a wide array of concrete coatings, solvents, decorative and industrial chemicals, and cleaning products, and are known for their high quality and results Concrete coatings selections are immense and allow you to choose from epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic urethane polymer, acid staining supplies and a variety of other coating solutions for concrete and similar hard surfaces and there are options for fast-drying coating or a coating for a humid environment.

Why An Exclusive Distributor?

If purchasing from an Exclusive Distributor of Kemiko products, you will have access to highly skilled and trained craftsmen and women that can answer your questions at a pro-level. Having one major brand is a huge benefit, you can focus on being a subject matter expert instead of learning bits and pieces of hundreds of products or just acquiring general knowledge. Another benefit to purchasing from an exclusive distributor is that they have special relationships with installers and can make excellent recommendations. Most distributors have their preferred contractors, but when working with specialized projects it is critical to use an installer that is experienced in using those materials.

Why East Coast Kemiko?

East Coast Kemico is the exclusive distributor of Kemico products throughout the East Coast. They have one physical location in Laurel, Maryland, but service the entire East Coast area, and Nationwide through their online store. In addition to their expert knowledge, their huge selection, and their access to professional installation services, they are also a Veteran owned company with a military discount. When considering where to purchase your epoxy flooring materials, acid stains, tools, and solvents, keep in mind that using East Coast Kemiko is the best choice and contact them online for additional information.
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