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1202 UVR Epoxy 100% Volume Solids

1202 UVR Epoxy 100% Volume Solids

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KEMIKO® SS1202 UVR is a 100% solids offering excellent ultraviolet resistance, low viscosity, 0-VOC, water clear epoxy coating. KEMIKO? SS1202 UVR has excellent chemical resistance, is designed to be used with color quartz and selected aggregate, is user friendly, and cures to a blush free, resilient high gloss film. KEMIKO® SS1202 UVR can be applied as a primer/finish on most interior cement floor surfaces. This product cures overnight and is available in two cure speeds. According to United States Department of Agriculture guidelines, this coating has been determined to be chemically acceptable for application to structural surfaces where there is a possibility of incidental food contact in official establishments operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Program.


KEMIKO® SS1202 UVR may be applied as a topcoat to properly prepared concrete floors subject to continuous foot traffic, showroom floors, warehouse floors, food and chemical processing facilities, hospitals, kitchens, breweries, laboratories, gymnasiums garage floors and many other applications that require a high gloss resilient floor finish. The low viscosity mixture allows easy aggregate filling for slurry applications or aggregate broadcast systems for increased compressive strength and high impact service.


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