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19" 25 Grit Concrete Prep Plus CCW

19" 25 Grit Concrete Prep Plus CCW

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The Diamabrush concrete preparation tool system now includes a Preparation PLUS tool system. Preparation Plus floor tools are heavy duty and work best on concrete floors with layers of coatings or coatings that are hard to remove. These concrete preparation floor tools last up to 3-4 times longer than the standard concrete preparation tool. (Up to 50,000 Sq. Ft.)

The more durable cutting blades on the Concrete Prep Plus floor tool system by Malish Brush makes prepping your floors take a fraction of the time.

The Concrete Floor Preparation Plus Tool System can be installed on your existing floor maintenance equipment. It is designed to handle the pressure and weight of heavy down pressure machines like large ride-on floor scrubbing machines and heavier duty floor machines and buffers.

The concrete prep plus tool uses either a 25 or 100 diamond grit bonded to metallic backing and assembled to flexible steel spring blades. After the floor is done being prepped properly by the Concrete Prep Plus concrete floor tool system, the Diamabrush by Malish can be used to achieve the desired finish and appearance your floor requires.

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