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concrete prep

concrete prep

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When using the Hand Tool Shroud with the Removal Hand Tool for removal of mastic, glues adhesives, thin-sets, coatings and more, you have essentially a dust-free application when doing your home project or at the job site. Edge access door allows for closer access to walls and corners which allows you to save time by not having to remove the shroud to cut into closer areas.

  • Helps reduce user exposure to harmful silica dust
  • 5 in. dust containment kit designed to extract dust and debris
  • Spring loaded, hinged door, provides a dust collection solution for both open area grinding and flush edge grinding
  • Universal connector locks onto tool with a twist and click eliminating the need for duct tape to hold the hose onto the shroud
  • Long and short hook and loop skirt can be adjusted to help contain the dust
  • Full metal design sturdy construction weighs: 1 lb.
  • Vacuum port will fit a 1.25 in. vacuum hose
  • Designed to fit most angle grinders
  • Vacuum hose not included
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