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Diamabrush for Decks Tool

Diamabrush for Decks Tool

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Diamabrush Deck,Docks, Hardwood Floors & Wood Siding Removal Tool 4.5".

Fits standard 5/8" angle grinders. Strips up to 500 sq. ft.

The Diamabrush™ For Decks Tool is the fastest, most effective way to remove stubborn coatings and get back to original wood.  Remove years of failed coatings and discoloration. Unlike sandpaper, chemicals or power washing, the Diamabrush For Decks tool never clogs or gums up. No need to change out expensive sand paper, scrape or wait for the wood to dry.  Save time, save money, save your weekend with the Diamabrush For Decks Tool.


Diamabrush for Decks.  The new tool will remove even the most stubborn coatings from wood including:  glue, adhesive, stains, coatings, paint, aluminum-oxide, etc.  Diamabrush for Decks is used to restore old worn or coated decks, hardwood floors, wood-siding or docks.


Designed to be used with a standard angle grinder, the do-it-yourselfer or professional can strip an entire deck surface, chemical-free, in just minutes.  Diamabrush for Decks. will save end-users valuable time, money, and effort


DECK TOOL (Patented Non-Clogging Design)


Diamond Blades.


Lightweight Nylon Composite.


Key Features Include:


Prepares old worn decks for coatings.


Sands wood to maximize coating adhesion.


Chemical-free operation.


For Decks, Hardwood Floors & Wood Siding.


Strips up to 500 sq. ft.


Fits standard 5/8" angle grinders.


4.5" Deck Tool.

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