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Easy Shine Mop On Wax 1 Gallon

Easy Shine Mop On Wax 1 Gallon

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KEMIKO? Easy Shine is a waterbased acrylic polymer mop-on wax that provides protection against scuffs and marring while providing a deep rich shine. Extremely easy to apply, Easy Shine protects and extends the life of your sealer while enhancing the overall finished appearance of your floor. KEMIKO? Easy Shine can be used over sealers and KEMIKO? Industrial Coatings which include Epoxies, Aliphatic Urethanes and Polyaspartics.

Benefits Include:
- Easy Application
- Economical
- Breathable Water Repellent Finish
- Easy Recoat
- Low Odor
- Soap and Water Clean Up

Commonly Found In:
- Restaurants
- Commercial Kitchens
- Grocery Stores
- Showroom Floors
- Residential



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