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East Coast Kemiko

Spartaflex XT

Spartaflex XT

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SPARTACOTE® FLEX XT™ is a ultra-high performance, 92% solids polyaspartic concrete coating material designed for maximum chemical and abrasion resistance. Representing the very latest in polyaspartic coating technology, SPARTACOTE® FLEX XT™ is a green-friendly product with minimal odor and minimal VOCs (< 50 g/l). SPARTACOTE® FLEX XT™ is available in a clear.

  • Green-friendly LEED eligible material and Low VOC Formula
  • Low Odor
  • Excellent Durability
  • Extremely High Chemical and Stain Resistance
  • One-Day installation with next-day return to service
  • SPARTACOTE Grip™ traction additive
  • Tolerant to 300º for incidental heat contact
  • No Hot-tire pickup
  • UV Resistant
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