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Stone Tone Wax II (Buff On Wax- Solvent Based)

Stone Tone Wax II (Buff On Wax- Solvent Based)

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Description Kemiko Stone Tone Buff On Wax - Solvent Based is especially formulated to produce a low sheen finish with high protection and durability. Designed for interior use over Kemiko Stone Tone Stain, pigmented colored concrete, tile, brick, or any masonry surface.

Physical Characteristics: Dry Time- 20-30 minutes. Coverage- 250-350 ft² per gallon (will vary due to differences in porosity). Thinning- None required (Mineral spirits or paint thinner if necessary).

Surface Preparation: Surface must be thoroughly cured and dry, free from all dark alkali, moisture spots, paint, wax, grease, and surface contaminant. Clean Up Clean tools and equipment with paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Application Methods: Kemiko Stone Tone Buff On Wax - Solvent Based may be applied by hand, it is highly recommended that the wax be applied using a heavy duty floor machine with three attachments; a stiff natural bristle brush (most critical), a medium bristle brush, and a buffing pad. Since machine buffing is difficult near walls and corners, spread a smooth light coating of wax out from the walls (2-3 inches) and in the corners to allow for buffing radius of the floor machine. Put no more than ¼ cup of wax on the floor in the center of the first 3-4 foot square. It will appear wet and dull. Immediately work the wax by spreading and burning it in with the natural stiff bristle attachment (this may take 4-5 minutes). Move to the next 3-4 foot quadrant and repeat the step only after the wax in the preceding area has turned to a light glare and the wax ridges have disappeared Mineral spirits will soften any ridges or excess wax allowing it to be spread and worked in. When you have completed the application phase, change to the medium bristle brush attachment and buff the entire floor including your original wall/corner application. After buffing, if greater protection is desired, repeat the first phase applying a thin second coat. Then rebuff. If a slightly higher sheen is desired, buff with the soft pad. Kemiko Stone Tone Buff On Wax - Solvent Based is designed to be used with a floor buffing machine and special pad.

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